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7th July 2020

Development Update:

All entry door codes to the development will now be changed on Monday 13th July 2020.

The code will be the same code that was placed on the Simpson street entrance some weeks ago.

Kindly ensure that tenants/agents are made aware.

Please also ensure that  your tenants /agents are aware of the locations and  access codes of :

post room

bin room

meter room

It is also essential that tenant/agents are aware of  location of the stop tap within the flat.

29th June 2020

Update to all leaseholders.


We have been contacted by leaseholders to request that the main entry doors are changed to be  painted  grey  to match the communal window frames.

We have discussed this the contractors who have agreed to no additional cost. The residents  association is in favour of the change , and we will instruct the contractors accordingly. Should you have any objections however, please let me know urgently.

Bollards to be fitted:

We are now in  position to instruct the contractors to fit bollards  in the parking area where requested. As there has been a delay in this process, I would ask that those leaseholders that want the bollard, to kindly email me to confirm, giving their flat and parking space number. The cost will be passed to the leaseholders at £50.00 Plus VAT.

If you have any questions on these matters please contact me.

8th June 2020

Update to Simpson street main entrance

Please be advised that this main entry door will be repaired on Monday June the 15th .

The entry code that is currently 2579 will not operate after 14th June 2020.

Please contact us for the new code that will be put into operation on 15th June 2020,  and please ensure that tenants are made aware urgently

4th June 2020

Update for redecoration of all communal internal areas

Please be advised that the attendance date to commence works is now June 17th to start at 9am.

29th May 2020

Redecoration update:   Please be advised that a contractor has been chosen to carry out the painting to the internal communal areas of the development. The work will commence on the 9th June. Please can you ensure that the contractors are able to work in a safe manner by avoiding areas where possible.

5th May 2020

We have instructed Flamerisk Safety Solutions Ltd  to visit the development on Friday 15th May to carry out a fire risk assessment.

The representative, Dr Bob Docherty will be walking around the development and investigating all communal areas. Dr Docherty may well knock on apartment doors at random to take a simple look at an individual  property for his report.  Please assist him where you can.  Gary Hulse, our cleaning contractor will also be at the development to assist  Dr Docherty in gaining access to a multitude of cupboards etc.

If you have any questions or concerns please call Jean on  01792 315458.

9th April 2020

Please find a link to the latest update from Compton Property Management

20th March 2020

Please be aware that an intrusive Fire Risk assessment  (type : level 4)  will take place at the development on the 9Th April.

This will necessitate in having high reach equipment at the development to include access to  the grey cladded areas.

Please be aware that operators will be on site investigating many areas that may be near to your own apartment.

Please do not be alarmed and you may wish to keep your curtains/blinds closed to ensure privacy.

18th March 2020

Please see update received for the local council regarding waste collection during the ongoing pandemic.

Good morning,

I hope you are keeping well during this time.

I wanted to reassure you that we have contingency plans in place to maintain business continuity with waste collection, as much as we possibly can.

That being said, there may well be interruptions in service and the situation will evolve and change quite quickly. As such, we have a web page set up for residents and building managers here and we will also share updates on our social channels - Twitter and Facebook.

Any necessary changes to the services we provide will be updated via these channels.

Kind regards,
Sam Davies

Waste, Recycling & Street Cleansing Team 

Neighbourhoods Directorate

Manchester City Council

4th March 2020

Parking situation at The Linx- Please see this link for the letter issued to leaseholders with parking only.

27th February 2020

Following a survey of the cladding, please see below copies of the reports. A project manager has been instigated in order to progress

Initial Report

Second Report

Please find copies of the EWS-1 form that have been completed as required.

EWS-1 form - Cover Letter

EWS-1 form - Linx Building Signed

DCL MCIOB Certificate

Dorian Lawence Chartered Engineer

Dorian Lawence MCABE

27th February 2020

Bin Store:


The council are having difficulty accessing the bin store due to building works in the area. This is likely to continue for some months to come. As a result, we are leaving the bins out to enable the council to be able to collect when access is available. This will also avoid paying a contractor to visit unnecessarily on a daily basis.


Door entry Code:


We have been asked to change the code to the door entry system. the new code will be passed to leaseholders  for the information to be passed to their tenants. I must confirm however, that at no stage is The Linx development secure, as the code is likely to reach tenants-agents-delivery personnel- private contractors- friends and relatives.   Please report any suspicious circumstances direct to the police.


Dogs at the development:

We are now raising contractor work orders to collect dog faeces at the development on a weekly basis. This is an unreasonable cost given to the service charge account that all leaseholders  are liable for. Please would dog owners kindly manage this situation more appropriately and take more consideration of the development. Should you believe that a pet owner is in breach of the lease, legal action can be taken by any leaseholder.


Major works internal areas redecoration:


We are coming to completion of the tender process for redecoration to the internal areas. It is unlikely to necessitate  in serving a section 20 consultation process, however, should you wish to nominate any contractor, please let me know without delay.


Cladding Issues:


As you are all aware, we have carried out a survey of the cladded areas. We have also obtained the necessary EWS 1 form if anyone wishes to have a copy, please let me know and I can forward on. It is clear from the findings that the external cladding together with the cedar cladding will need to be removed and replaced. We have now instructed an appropriate expert, to carry out a level 4 Fire risk assessment. Once we receive those findings, we will organise a meeting for leaseholders to be made aware of the position.


The assessment will enable us to be provided with information as to suitable replacement cladding, which in turn will commence the tender process.  A section 20 consultation process will be instigated which will also provide further information.  At this stage I can only advise of the plan to progress, and cannot provide any costings of necessary work. I am sure you will appreciate that this work is required for fire safety, and also for leaseholders to be able to either remortgage their properties or sell their properties.


The FRA will take place within the next 3-4 weeks, and the reports and surveys should be received within 4 weeks following.


As soon as we have any further updates, I will of course advise.


20 November 2019  Site Inspection of Rainscreen Cladding

Please see below a copy of the inspection report carried out by Specialist Facade Inspections

Click Here


Please read this message issued by Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service

'You will no doubt have seen that there has been a significant fire at The Cube in Bolton on Friday the 15th November and our Crews remain in attendance at the incident. It is too early to establish what role the materials used in the construction have played in the development of the fire but the images of the fire will undoubtedly cause concern for some residents who live in high rise buildings and in particular those where there is an identified risk of external fire spread. GMFRS has produced the attached information to provide advice and reassurance to residents across Greater Manchester living in high rise buildings' 

Please click on this link High Rise Resident Reassurance

18 July 2019  Current Cleaning Schedule 


As discussed at the recent residents meeting, the current cleaning schedule is attached below


12 July 2019  Question Raised - Answered at Residents Meeting


11 July 2019  Fire Door Information


As was briefly discussed during the meeting. In the event that a fire should break out, not within your property, The Linx Building has in place a stay put policy. In order for this to prove effective it is imperative that ALL FIRE DOORS are compliant. This includes the main entry door to your property.

Correspondence will shortly be sent to both leaseholders, and indeed occupiers, with further information. However we have felt it prudent to provided as much information as possible, and as such please see the below:


02 July 2019  Information if Travelling to Residents Meeting


For your information should you require public transport to  our meeting at Fallowfield

Chancellors hotel is on the main bus route from Piccadilly bus station any 41,42,43, 142, 143 bus will take  you to the Owens Park student campus in Fallowfield.

This is approximately a 3 minute walk to the venue.

We have also been advised that a taxi from the city centre should cost between £10-£12.00.


26 Jun 2019    Correspondence Sent to All Leaseholder


RE: Residents Meeting for July 9th 2019.

I am writing to advise that the meeting has now been organised  to discuss the major works that are planned at the Linx development.

The meeting will take place commencing at  18.00hrs . This meeting is for the attendance of leaseholders only.  Parking will be available.

The meeting will be held at :-

Chancellors Hotel

Chancellors Way

Moseley Road



M14 6NN

Questions that have been raised have been placed on the residents web page for information.

Kind regards

Jean Jones  (Mrs) AIRPM

Senior Property Manager


26 Jun 2019    Questions Raised - Shall Be Addressed at Meeting


1: External cleaning of elevations (cladding / masonry)

There has been agreement between 2 of the construction companies in the area to carry out external cleaning to the building. To date this has not been done, even though I have had assurances it will. I would expect you to chase this matter up with both Bardsley Construction and Cruden Construction. This leaves only 2 sides of the building that would require external cleaning. 

The external cleaning of the interior part of the building (within the Atrium) agreed is required.

2: Clearing of rainwater goods and jet wash surface drainage

I want further clarification of what is meant here. I'm presuming the clearing of rainwater goods is guttering, but what is the surface drainage.? If this is the paving slabs in the Atrium, then they have been cleaned previously by the Caretakers, when we had them. More recently, when David Sawyer took over the cleaning, an external contractor was engaged to carry out cleaning of the slabs and a solution was put down to stop mould developing. I presumed that this would be on a continual annual maintenance schedule since it is an ongoing issue and want to know why this has not been the case. 

Also this would then be a duplicate cost since you have put cleaning of paving slabs in a separate item below.

3: Cleaning of communal glazing and frames (windows / doors)

We already pay for communal cleaning of glazing and frames (windows/ doors) so why is this being included? In the budget 2017/18 AND 2018/19 this was £3000 per year. Over the past 3 years or so I personally have not seen any communal window cleaning take place and I spend a lot of time at home. At a recent meeting with residents none of those that attended had seen any window cleaning take place.

4: Cleaning of paving slabs and decking to court yard

See above under “clearing of rainwater goods and jet wash surface drainage”. 

5: Undertaking repairs to uPVC soffits to balconies

Further clarification is required on this point. These were replaced a number of years ago and I remember pointing out at the time that I thought this was a substandard job. I therefore want full details to be provided as to the cost and warranty. 

I also want clarification that the work sought will be in relation to REPAIRS and not replacement before any work is carried out as replacement is an entirely different job.

What is necessary this time and how many soffits/ balconies are affected?

6: Undertaking repairs to cedar cladding

Further clarification is required on this point. What repairs are required? I have walked around the building internally and all the cladding looks fine. However, as it is hardwood it is beneficial that the correct wood treatment is carried out. Between probably 2010/12 (I can’t remember exactly when) I had the discussion with Mrs J Jones about this very matter and informed her that the cladding needed treating and if it was not done I would not be paying for repairs when no maintenance had taken place. In response, and around this time, the cladding was then treated internally and the top floors externally were painted. However this was probably 7+ years ago and the cladding does require treatment internally and painting externally. I have no issue with the maintenance of the cladding but as far as I’m concerned should relate only to the treatment to keep it maintained.

I also want clarification that the work sought will be in relation to REPAIRS and not replacement before any work is carried out as replacement is an entirely different job.

This kind of work is also covered in the seventh schedule of our lease, section 1.

7: Repairs to entrance doors to flats

Further clarification is required. Do you mean the communal entrances or actual entrances to leaseholders individual flats?

I will point out that no decoration has been carried out to any of the communal doors since the building was built back in 2004. So for 15 years the Landlord has failed to maintain this. I don’t have my lease handy since my bank has it but I remember seeing that internal decoration was every 6 years and external decoration was every 7 years. I have seen the leases of 2 other apartments which do not state this, unfortunately. 

However, I refer you to 7th Schedule paragraphs 1, 2.2 and 13 where I’m paraphrasing, “the Landlord carry out all repairs as he shall consider necessary to maintain the building as a good class residential building or otherwise desirable in the general interests of the tenant and Lessees”. 

The 4th Schedule Part 1 Paragraph 3 states that leaseholders are required to decorate every 7 years.  It would be an unfair contractual term for the Landlord to impose on a Leaseholder if he was not under the same obligation. The term on himself should be equal to or better. In other words if repairs, decoration etc are required before the 7 years then he would carry them out under his own provisions contained within the 7th Schedule. It should not  be “do as I say not as I do”.

8: Resurfacing of stone effect balcony walkways throughout

First of all this is not a stone effect. It is actual stone. I was asked about this probably 10+ years ago by Mrs K Dyer. As I told her the stone surface on the walkways had eroded but not to a state where I thought it was dangerous or shabby. The stones have actually been a problem. They, even now, still end up inside our flats and have caused damage to the flooring in my apartment. They would also end up on the ground floor, which would then require clearing

If this job is going to be carried out then it should be with a material that will not cause damage to property. It is my opinion that this is not a job that needs carrying out at this time.

If they are to be replaces, why are they not stuck down with resin or similar to preserve the intended effect without exacerbating this issue

9: Redecoration of all previous painted surfaces excluding render finish to lift enclosures as these are through coloured render which are in fair condition

I agree decoration is required but disagree that the render is in fair condition. I would refer you to 7th Schedule of the Lease and would argue that this is not “in keeping with a good class residential building or being desirable in the interests of Tenant/Lessee”.

10: Undertake works to external cladding in regards to Fire Safety as necessary. Extent of works if any to be confirmed following further feedback from an independent fire safety consultant. 

Confirmation is required as to what works is required and to who this work will be billed to. Precedent has already been set for Landlords/Freeholders to cover any cost relating to fire safety of structures and not Leaseholders. A Government fund has been set up and I would suggest that Tapestart apply for this at the earliest and that no repairs/work be carried out or any work proposed above on this matter before it has been determined what work is required and who is to pay for it. 

The report that was carried out made recommendations but none of the recommendations were enforceable or legally required under building safety. Of course any Company is going to make recommendations because of liability issues in the future. Pretty much every material will be combustible but hard wood would take a while to burn thus giving occupants plenty of opportunity to vacate. As I see it the only thing leaseholder would be responsible for would be the treatment of the wood with the required fire safety materials.

As far as we are concerned, it isn’t the type of combustible cladding that has been causing major fire incidents.

11: Internal cleaning of windows / doors and powder coated handrails to stairs  

This has already been covered above in cleaning of communal glazing and frames (doors and windows) so why is it being covered again? As mentioned above we already pay for cleaning of windows at £3,000 per year.

Also cleaning of powder coated handrails to stairs should be included in the cleaning contract. Previously when we had caretakers this work was carried out. This is why I have for a number of years had an issue with the fact that a caretaker is required. Why is this being included?

12: Decoration of all previously painted surfaces

This has already been covered above so why has this been duplicated?

13: Clean door vinyl floors

What is this? If it relates to the vinyl floors in the stairwells why do they need separate cleaning? The cleaning of the communal areas are covered in the cleaning and caretaking bill.

14: Undertaking isolated repairs to floors

I have seen a number of areas that do need repairing. I will be inspecting the building to itemise these repairs so that they correspond to any quotes you will receive.

15: Ease and adjustment / repairs to doors

Further clarification is needed. On a recent inspection the doors were fine with regard to how they hung. Repairs will need to be itemised and referenced to which doors. As I have stated earlier no work has been carried out on the communal internal doors since the building was built. I will not pay for repairs when no maintenance has been carried out. 

16: Isolated cleaning to car park area

I was under the impression that a machine had been purchased to clean the car park. I was told this by David Sawyer a number of years ago when he was cleaning. However, I’m not sure whether this was a purchase Compton had made or whether it was a purchase Mr Sawyer had made. It would seem odd that he would purchase a machine specifically to clean part of a building when he did not work full time in the cleaning industry. If this was a purchase you made then where is the machine and why has it not been used?

I agree though that the car park needs to be cleaned as well as the bin rooms, which are disgustingly filthy. Again, when we had caretakers, they cleaned and disinfected the bin room. A couple of weeks ago I asked the current cleaners to disinfect the bin rooms. They said they would but to date it has not been done. The questions still remains what do they do?

What about the standing water that is always visible in the car park? What investigation has been done to determine where the water is coming from and how to address it?

17: Re painting of demarcation lines (parking bays, numbers and arrows) 

This work is totally unnecessary. The demarcation lines will become more clear when the area has been cleaned. It would be irresponsible of the Landlord to engage work that is unnecessary which is to be charged to Leaseholders. However, this may be a job in the future.

18: Cleaning of roller shutters and grills over window openings 

This work I’m presuming relates to the basement. There is a lot of construction work in the area which has caused this. The work is continual for the next few years and so any cleaning of this would be pointless as it would become dirty again within weeks. This work should only be considered when the building work in the area is complete. The cleanliness of the grilles is not effecting the desirability of the building. The shutters will always be dirty because of the lubrication that is required for the working of it and so is a job that is difficult to carry out

19 Jun 2019    Correspondence Sent to all Leaseholders

Please see below letter sent to all leaseholders

Dear *****

As you are aware we have commenced the section 20 programme for major works that are necessary at the development.

We have a received a duplicate letter from a few raising questions regarding the necessity of the works and enquiring about areas that have been included.

In order to resolve these matters and be able to progress, I am going to arrange a meeting on July 9th ( time and location to be confirmed).

This meeting is for the benefit of leaseholders only.

Please would you kindly advise if you are going to attend, as this will allow me to book a necessary location to accommodate.

I would also ask that you visit the web page that has been setup, as this page will be used for all updates with regard to  the meeting, major works, and any other item.

When replying please advise of your full address.

16 May 2019     Schedule of Proposed Work 

Please see below a copy of the proposed schedule of work. Should you have any questions, or wish to nominate a preferred contractor, kindly contact us as follows -

Tel: 01792 315 458 or 01792 315485


10 May 2019 

It has been brought to our attention that dogs are causing a nuisance at the development, with a dog being allowed to foul in multiple locations around the atrium.

I must respectfully advise all leaseholders that the lease states, on page 17:

  • Pets: Not without written consent of the Landlord to keep any animal, bird or reptile in the property hand where such consent is granted not to exercise any animal in the building nor allow it to foul the common parts

Any breaches in leasehold obligations could result in legal action being taken against the leaseholder of the property responsible. To avoid this action, and to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the development, please keep all pets in a suitable manner ensuring that they do not cause a nuisance to either the development or your neighbours.


15th April 2019 

Following a survey of the cladding, please see below copies of the reports. A project manager has been instigated in order to progress

Initial Report

Second Report


28th February 2019 

Please be aware that the cladding on the building will be tested by experts on Friday March 1st 2019. Contractors may also be accessing the roof area.

Should you have any questions please contact us.


Minutes of Meetings

Please click on the links below to access the minutes of meetings:


Parking Spaces

Please click on this parking space link to see the parking space that is allocated to your property. Please park in an orderly manner ensuring that no other motorist is obstructed at any time. Please park only in the space allocated. Thank you.