Statutory Information

The following companies are all under common control:-
Compton Developments Limited 1095016  Housebuilding & Scientific Research
Ballard Homes Limited 3397054  Housebuilding
Direct Tile Warehouse Limited 3397053 Commercial development
DTW (SPV) Limited 6537097 Commercial development
Compton Group Limited 10384641 Commercial development
Shotwick Land Limited 10380450 Commercial development
Ancestor Homes Limited 7510454 Genealogy
Ceramiks Limited 3456993 Sale of ceramic tiles
BJ Ceramics (Wales) Limited 1395757 Sale of ceramic tiles
Tapestart Limited 2487884 Ground rents investment
Gracefavour Limited 2797133 Ground rents investment
Helpfavour Limited 2691279 Ground rents investment
Compton Insurance Services Limited 2691285 Insurance broker
Compton Property Management Limited 721663 Flats management & outsourcing Limited 4545347 University research
Exploit4U Limited 4218368 Outlicensing intellectual property
South India Tours and Travel Limited 10845229 Tour operator

All the above companies are incorporated in England and Wales.

The registered office of all the above companies is:-

45-51 Wychtree Street

All the above companies are situated at the geographical address shown above.

Also under common control is Compton Business Support Services Private Limited which is incorporated in Tamil Nadu, India (corporate identity number U72200 TN2008 PTC067522). Its business is the provision of outsourcing services. The company is based at its registered office of New-10, Umayal Road, Kilpauk, Chennai 600 010.

Compton Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Compton Property Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The VAT registration numbers of the VAT registered companies are:-

Company Vat numbers
Compton Developments Limited 125 1322 18
Direct Tile Warehouse Limited 850 9322 28
DTW (SPV) Limited 941 9399 83
Ceramiks Limited 125 1646 89
Compton Property Management Limited 862 6296 96
South India Tours and Travel

The names of the data controllers relating to each relevant company are:-

  • Compton Developments Limited
  • Ballard Homes Limited
  • Direct Tile Warehouse Limited
  • Ceramiks Limited
  • Tapestart Limited
  • Gracefavour Limited
  • Helpfavour Limited
  • Compton Insurance Services Limited
  • Compton Property Management Limited
  • Limited
  • Exploit4U Limited