University Research


Compton Group has for a number of years invested in biotech research carried out at Welsh universities. We believe that there is a great deal of excellent research being carried out at the universities and we hope that the research which we back will eventually be commercialised, possibly with the help of our entrepreneurial input.

If the research is commercialised, substantial returns should be generated; however, there is no denying that such investment is extremely high risk, although the sums we invest are small relative to overall Group assets.

We employ a full time Research Director, Dr Ahmed Ali (, who is based at The School of Biosciences in Cardiff University. Through Dr Ali’s contacts, various projects are on the go at any one time. For reasons of confidentiality, we are not able to disclose full details of all the research projects, but the following invention is already in the public domain:-

MMP-9 Anti-inflammatory Discovery – click here for further details


Compton Group’s interest in research projects is primarily financial; we look to out-license the intellectual property at an early stage, typically after a patent application has been filed. Depending on the views of any joint venture partner (e.g. the University), the terms of the licence will usually involve a nominal upfront fee with no milestone payments in return for a royalty share of the income when the product is eventually brought to the market. This gives the licensee the satisfaction of knowing that there will be no pay out to us unless and until the project is generating revenue. For our part, we will expect the licensee to use reasonable endeavours to push forward, at its own cost, with the commercialisation of the IP.

The next step

Should you have any technical enquiries please contact our research Director Dr Ahmed Ali by email