Buying our Leasehold Interest


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On occasions, the interest which we own is leasehold and not freehold. This means that we collect ground rent from you but we ourselves have to pay ground rent to our landlord (usually the freeholder). If you buy our leasehold interest, you will then be bound by the covenants in the head lease, rather than your existing lease. However, you will not have to pay ground rent, as it will be a condition of your purchase of our interest that you will be exonerated from paying rent that would otherwise be payable to our landlord. We will continue to pay all the head rent; this has been allowed for in the purchase price we quote you. If we buy the freehold at a later date, we will be prepared to transfer it to you for a nominal sum.

If you do wish to purchase our leasehold interest, the process of buying and method of payment are the same as set out above for buying a freehold interest.

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