Energy from Gas


What we require

We are actively seeking out sites in the UK which meet the following criteria

  • 2 acres of flat land, green or brownfield site.
  • An electric grid connection (minimum 11kv) on the land or close by
  • Local gas supply at intermediate pressure
  • A 25 year lease from you for the land covering the site.

If you have suitable land and would like to know more about the advantages of energy production please get in touch by telephone or by email.

Alternatively send us a plan of your land with a OS reference or postcode. Can you also please mark on the plan the existing electricity grid line and gas pipeline?

We will then respond to you within a week. If your site is suitable, we would aim to visit you within a couple of weeks to conduct a site survey. Once this has been completed and if both parties are in agreement we would like to tie up legalities within 3 or 4 weeks of the visit.

All discussions are held in strict confidence.


If after a site visit the land appears to be suitable and both parties are in agreement, outlined below is a typical example of how we may move forward.

Exclusivity agreement

We would like to  enter into an exclusivity  agreement with you for an initial  period of 6 months in order for us  to explore the potential on your land. The only obligation on  you would be not to negotiate with anyone else  with regard to your  land during the exclusivity period: there would be no  obligation on you  to continue dealing with us following the expiry of the  exclusivity  agreement.


Should our research  during the initial 6 month period indicate  that it is feasible for a development to take place on your  land we would then be looking at entering  into an option agreement with  you in order that we can take this project  further with planning  applications.


If planning permission is obtained, you would be obliged under the  option agreement to grant us a lease for 25 years in respect of the  parcels of land. You would also be obliged to  grant access over the areas designated and for roads and services to be  constructed and to allow access to these areas. The rental terms of the lease will be set by reference to the capacity of the planning consent.   

Contact us
Mr Steve Gibbins
E: P: 01792 315466