Complaints Procedures Helpsheet

Our aim is to provide a property management service in compliance with all the current applicable legislation, terms of leases and good business practice and that meets the needs and expectations of all clients and leaseholders. We accept that there may be times when things go wrong and you feel dissatisfied. When this happens, we want to hear about it so we can explain things and put them right.

To help us understand how we have not met your expectations; please let us know what has happened so we can deal with it. Firstly; this will initially be regarded as a ‘grievance’ so that we can follow our own process. This will be recorded as a first and less formal stage of the complaint procedure, which we hope allows us to rectify the fault without any delays.


How Do You Complain?

Your first step should always be contact Compton Property Management Ltd (CPM) directly and attempt to resolve your grievance informally. Please speak or write to your CPM property manager. If you do not know your Property Manager or who provided the service, please write or speak directly to our Complaints Coordinator for guidance. This should enable us to deal with the issue quickly and answer any queries about the difficulties you or the development faces.

Your Complaints Coordinator is Sally Howells         

01792 315 479 or email:

On receipt of any grievance we will;
  • Answer; within three working days. If the property manager is not working, the issue will need to be put to the Complaints Coordinator for a response.
  • Apologise where things have gone wrong and make sure we put them right as quickly as possible; as many problems can be resolved straight away.
  • However, if this is not possible, your concerns will be dealt with promptly by a member of the complaints department who will ask you to put your concerns in writing (enclosing a form for use) as a formal complaint to the CPM office, if this has not already been done.


As a Formal Complaint;
  • We will formally acknowledge your complaint (in writing) within three working days;
  • Then set out our understanding of your complaint as soon as possible; telling you who has been appointed (a senior property manager) to investigate your complaint and provide you with their contact details.
  • We will ensure your complaint receives a full and fair investigation and write to you with our findings.
  • The appointed senior property manager (or someone acting in the capacity of) will write to you with the formal outcome within 15 working days of the complaint receipt, to inform you of the outcome of their investigation and let you know what actions have been or will be taken;
  • if you are dissatisfied with this outcome you must write and explain why, at which time they will consider your points;
  • Within 8 weeks from the start of the complaint, they will write again expressing their final viewpoint following a second review of the complaint.


You have the right to refer your complaint to the landlord at any time during this process who may suggest the use of mediation as an option if appropriate (contact details for your landlord are provided below). Please note that independent mediation facilities may incur costs for which you may be liable.

Your landlord is Tapestart Limited who you can contact at  

P O Box 425, Swansea, SA6 8YH

Phone: 01792 315 500


If 8 weeks have elapsed and we have not responded or resolved your complaint, you may write to ‘The Property Ombudsman’ without charge. For them to consider your complaint you must write to them with 12 months of receiving our final viewpoint letter (if you received one) and attach all relevant documentation, including your complaint letters and our responses.

The Property Ombudsman:  

Milford House, 43 – 55 Milford Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2BP

Phone: 01722 333 306 Email: Website:

There are also sources of independent advice for leaseholders such as The Leaseholders Advisory service (LEASE) on-line at, or Citizens Advice at your local office or on-line at 


Other Contact Details


Compton Property Management Ltd can be contacted at 45- 51 Wychtree Street, Morriston, Swansea, SA6 8EX   or by phone or email as follows:


  • Head of Property Management - Bob Jones

01792 315 506         or e mail

  • Senior Property Manager: Jean Jones             

01792 315 458         or email:  

  • Senior Property Manager: Susan Mosford      

01792 315 478         or email:

  • Property Manager: Ruth Lever              

01792 315 457         or email:

  • Property Manager: Chris Evans            

01792 315 485         or email:

  • Property Manager: Jonathan Bradley  

01792 315 480         or email:



Helpsheet updated July 2018