Aura Court, Manchester

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03rd May 2019      Update on Fire Alarm

Please be aware  that following earlier correspondence issued to all leaseholders regarding the fitting of a fire alarm , this work will commence w/c  13th May 2019. Contractors will be on the development to fit the alarm to those properties specified.  The work is likely to take approximately 2 weeks.

Should you have any questions please call us 01792 315458.

Please also ensure that all occupiers are fully aware of the fire risk assessment and what to do in an emergency.

Please see the attachment on fire safety and ensure all occupiers remain vigilant at all times.

Further work is scheduled for the development, and leaseholders will be kept informed.


30th April 2019     Access to Meters (Electricity & Water)

Please be advised, that in order to comply with instructions issued by a Fire Officer, access to the meters has been restricted. This information has been provided to all leaseholders.

Please be advised access can be gained using the code C2468


Correspondence Received – Greater Manchester Fire Brigade

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment