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30th June 2020

Development Update:

Major Work:

You are now aware that we have issued a scope of works and the tender process has commenced. The first notice that has been issued to all leaseholders, and  allows for any building contractors to be nominated. Should you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please provide the full contact details urgently.

I have applied for funding, but cannot advise as to the success or costs at this stage.

You will note that there are 2 schedules for which the work relates. I apologise for the confusion and below is the correct zones as mentioned in the first notice that has been provided to you.

Zone A:  This relates to all internal areas that only the residential units will contribute

Zone B:  This relates to is all external areas to which all properties will contribute, both residents and commercial units


I am in the process of connecting the pedestrian gates which will necessitate in all occupiers being given access. Please will all leaseholders make contact with me providing details as to who should be provided with the fob to access. One fob will be given to each flat to commence, with more being made available at a cost to individuals. I am awaiting the details of the cost of the fobs, and this will be provided to those that wish to purchase.

Door Entry:

There will also be a lock change taking place to the main entry doors that will effect  flats 1-12. Again I will need leaseholders from those areas to make contact to advise as to who should be given the new key. 

Please be aware, that perpetrators are gaining access to the stairwells, where damage is being caused and access is being tried to individual flats at the development. The Police have been made aware and have advised that they will pay special attention. If you have any concerns with unknown individuals causing issues, please call the police without delay.

Please ensure that you  continually visit this  web page for your development  where all updates will be placed.

It is now imperative that leaseholders ensure that we at Compton Property Management hold correct contact details for you. A meeting will be arranged as soon as the tender process is complete for which all leaseholders will be invited.  I am hopeful that current  restrictions for travel will also allow.

It will be at that meeting that costs will be discussed.

You  need to ensure we hold the correct address- email and telephone numbers for you as the  leaseholder.

26th February 2020

Bin Store:


Please be aware that you will need a code to access the bin store. Please contact the owner of the property or your agent for information.

We have received numerous reports of flytipping, and it is for this reason we are trying to secure that area.

Should you at any time witness flytipping, please inform the Police immediately and kindly advise us of the details.


Fire Alarm:


Reports have been received of individuals tampering with the fire alarm system. If you witness anyone tampering with the fire alarm system, please advise us immediately. It is imperative that the alarm is functioning appropriately for the safety of all occupiers.


Major works regarding cladding


A scope of works is being finalised in order to commence the section 20 consultation process. Further information will be provided in due course, with the first notice being served on all leaseholders.



Please read this message issued by Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service

'You will no doubt have seen that there has been a significant fire at The Cube in Bolton on Friday the 15th November and our Crews remain in attendance at the incident. It is too early to establish what role the materials used in the construction have played in the development of the fire but the images of the fire will undoubtedly cause concern for some residents who live in high rise buildings and in particular those where there is an identified risk of external fire spread. GMFRS has produced the attached information to provide advice and reassurance to residents across Greater Manchester living in high rise buildings' 

Please click on this link High Rise Resident Reassurance


23rd October 2019 - Simultaneous Evacuation Strategy


Simultaneous Evacuation Strategy


Please see above a copy of correspondence sent to all leaseholders and occupiers at Aura Court. Should you have any question or queries please contact Compton Property Management.

You can also find information on how to check if your fire doors are compliant here


23rd October 2019 - Fire Safety

Following the recent tragic events at Grenfell tower, we have been contacted by a number of occupiers raising worries they have around the fire safety of their block. We felt it prudent to write to all leaseholders in all blocks of apartments to dispel any doubts and fears, and to clarify the current situation.

As this letter is a generic mail-merge being sent to all leaseholders, please take into consideration there may be some items that do not apply to your own situation. Please follow this link for a copy of the letter. A copy of this note should be given to your tenant and managing agent if you have employed one to manage the flat on your behalf.

Please take time to read this 'Fire Management in Flats' booklet

Should you have any questions, please call at any time to discuss with a member of the team.


3rd May 2019      Update on Fire Alarm

Please be aware  that following earlier correspondence issued to all leaseholders regarding the fitting of a fire alarm , this work will commence w/c  13th May 2019. Contractors will be on the development to fit the alarm to those properties specified.  The work is likely to take approximately 2 weeks.

Should you have any questions please call us 01792 315458.

Please also ensure that all occupiers are fully aware of the fire risk assessment and what to do in an emergency.

Please see the attachment on fire safety and ensure all occupiers remain vigilant at all times.

Further work is scheduled for the development, and leaseholders will be kept informed.


30th April 2019     Access to Meters (Electricity & Water)

Please be advised, that in order to comply with instructions issued by a Fire Officer, access to the meters has been restricted. This information has been provided to all leaseholders.

Please be advised access can be gained using the code C2468


Correspondence Received – Greater Manchester Fire Brigade

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment