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01 July 2019     Automated Vehicle Gate

Please see further update, from the gate engineer, today:


Our gate engineer re-attended today at their cost.

They have re-positioned the gate stop to the left-hand side of the gate (as you look from the road), painted it in fluorescent yellow paint and also welded on an additional strengthening stop plate on the side of the gate.


20 June 2019     Automated Vehicle Gate

As you may be aware we are having continuing problems with the automated vehicle gate at your development. It has become clear, that on a number of occasions, the gates have been tampered with an damaged caused. Please see the latest report below:

Our engineers have just visited site on this latest PO.

Firstly, they found the gates both open and also switched off.

They also found that the newly installed central gate stop had been bent to the side and would have been the cause of the gates staying open as they probably couldn’t find their start and end points.

The engineers have put the central gate stop back to its original state, re-started the gates and then tested the gates opening and closing cycles 10x times.The gates are now opening and closing normally.

This PO is now complete.

Hopefully, the residents may now stop tampering with the equipment, so we can see if going forward the central gate stop has resolved the gate opening/closing issues.

Should you witness anybody tampering with the gate we would implore you to report this to the local police, as this is criminal damage.