Ancestor Homes

Ancestor Homes is an extensive private collection of digitised property deeds and associated documents that relate to properties throughout England & Wales dating back to the 1660s.

Our collection offers a new source of information for anyone researching their family tree or even the history of their home.  These documents offer an insight into people and their homes between the official censuses, providing genealogy researchers with a way to break down brick walls that we all so often hit.  As the vast majority of our documents are original, we may even have the signature of your ancestor dating back 350 years.

To start your search visit the Ancestor Homes site.

Our deeds are being scanned in throughout 2017, and our database of names will be updated monthly. If you do not find a match for your ancestor, make sure you sign up to our newsletter so that we can let you know when our database is updated to help you with your ancestry search.